Lou Being… Lou. (NSFW, 3 Pictures)

Guess who has jointed hands now. This guy. Guess what he's going to do with them?   Nothing good.     ... Oh dear. I'm going to repaint him and blush his hands before I take more pictures but yeah... You can expect more of this and... Prooobably worse. Hope you're looking forward to it [...]


Zampanó – Completed.

It's been almost a year since I decided to start this project. I ordered a Doll Cheateau Snowborn back in late March and just got his wig not but a few days ago (almost 2 months after getting the doll proper). If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw the progress pictures I took while [...]

Recasts: What They are and Why You Shouldn’t.

While it may seem like I've been a wee bit inactive on my blog, I promise I'm still writing and trying to make sure everything is perfect before I release anything of consequence (AKA character stories). It's something I've been doing in the background of everyday life inbetween actually doing hobby-related things (more to come [...]

Making a Unicorn Part 1: A Love Story (Or De-Yellowing Part 3)

So for anyone who didn't see my previous post, I managed to get my grail doll off the second hand market at an affordable price. I was super excited not just for the chance to finally own a Soom Heliot, but for the project it was sure to be. Looking at the original pictures, I [...]


I think I mentioned before during the rerelease of Heliot (but with vampire teeth) that I absolutely adored the original unicorn sculpt. Unfortunately being a limited doll, there were slim chances that he'd ever be in my possession without paying a hefty price tag. Well, I'm elated to say that I'll soon be the owner [...]